Performance and Safety

MechSlip is a high quality, innovative product. But you don’t need to take our word for it.

Our BBA certificate fully encompasses every last structural component, mechanical connection and, crucially, the support system.  So specifying MechSlip makes your task really simple.

Choosing MechSlip gives you confidence that your entire cladding system is fully compliant with the latest UK building regulations.

  • When it’s installed, used and maintained in accordance with the BBA certificate, MechSlip can satisfy (or contribute to satisfying) the relevant requirements in relation to NHBC Standards, Part 6 Superstructure Chapter 6.9 Curtain Walling and Cladding.
  • Information contained in our BBA certificate can assist the client, designer (including the principal designer) and contractor (including the principal contractor) to address their obligations under Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.
  • The BBA and NHBC have approved MechSlip for use as a protective/decorative external cladding over concrete, timber frame, masonry and steel frame constructions.

Performance. Built in.

In addition to BBA accreditation and certification to British Standard EN13501-1 class 1 for fire safety, MechSlip has been extensively tested by the VINCI Technology Centre for wind resistance, water tightness and impact resistance.  Lucideon assessed it for durability, freeze-thaw resistance and long-term weatherability.

Summary of Testing

CWCT (Centre for Window & Cladding Technology) Standard Test Methods for Building Envelopes determine the level of serviceability of a façade or rainscreen cladding system when subjected to typical climactic levels of water, air and solid object impact. The final classifications derived from the results depend on factors such as the maximum air pressure reached or the severity of damage after an impact.

Wind resistance – serviceability and safety
±2400 Pascals serviceability, ±3600 Pascals safety. PASS

Water tightness – dynamic pressure
600 Pascals. PASS

Reaction to fire
Classified A1 to EN13501-1:2018

Impact resistance
Soft and hard body impact tests – Class 1 serviceability, negligible risk safety. PASS

Durability and weatherability
Hygrothermal testing to ETAG 034. PASS

Freeze/thaw resistance
Freeze/thaw testing in accordance with ETAG 017. PASS

Additional freeze/thaw resistance testing is carried out in accordance with the European method DD CEN/TS EN772-22. From the results, the bricks were classified as F2 (i.e. suitable for use in conditions of severe exposure, in accordance with BS EN771-1, specification for clay masonry units).