Design advice and practical support. Built in.

When you specify MechSlip, we support you every step of the way, from technical and design advice to installation training.

Our Design Advisory Service helps architects, designers, specifiers and contractors to create design solutions. Our design advisors are experienced architectural professionals and they can help you develop innovative, effective solutions for all types of building projects.

We can produce a range of options that exploit the design possibilities of the system with detailing like different bond patterns and decorative soffits. We can also supply technical calculations that help you meet the project’s requirements, for example with regard to thermal efficiency. And we can deliver all this to you in a choice of formats.

Thermal Bridging Comparison
Example BIM Model

The Design Advisory Service is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

We can also train your own installers to install the MechSlip system, typically in under a day. With MechSlip you don’t need previously skilled installers and you often don’t need scaffolding either, so you save money and time.


Design and technical support


Six simple steps for easy installation

Installation Steps


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